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Business Credit and Funding

You've been in business a few years and know what it takes to succeed.  You know your market, your competition, and the opportunities that await you.  You've taken out personal loans and used home equity lines of credit to supply business needs, and you've even used personal guarantees for different financing for your business.  After a few years, your personal credit score has dropped because you're maxed out using your personal credit for business purposes.

An opportunity for growth has materialized.  You won that quote that would significantly increase your business.  The problem is that you don't have any additional financing left in order to buy supplies or inventory or pay the employees for the additional project work when you need that long before you are paid handsomely for the work.

Most small business owners do not understand how to establish business credit.  The main problem is that many of them don't realize they need it until it is too late.  After they've been in business for a couple of years, they go to the bank to apply for a loan.  When they get turned down for the loan, they don't know why.  As individuals, we know that banks and lending institutions look at our personal credit when we want to apply for mortgages on our homes.  We've taken the time to know what our personal credit score is to expect that approval.  Many business owners don't know that there is something similar (business credit agencies) for when they apply for business loans.

We are here to help.  We can help you in the short term by providing financing to move forward.  However, we can also help you in the long term by helping you establish business credit.

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