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 Serenity Finance and Investments, LLC was initially started by a CPA (now inactive) as an accounting firm in 2004 providing accounting, payroll, and part-time CFO services primarily and tax services occasionally.  Insurance services (life and health) were added to the mix as we found that business owners had planned for their businesses' finances but hadn't planned for the protection of their retirement savings.  After several years of talking to business owners about both business financial needs and personal financial needs, Serenity Finance and Investments, LLC has migrated over to a couple of services that many clients have discussed over the years due to an unmet need.  

Plain and simple - companies need more money to grow.  The challenge of obtaining needed financing has eluded many business owners despite running successful businesses.  Because of the history of talking to businesses about their money, Serenity Finance and Investments, LLC is positioned to help business owners obtain the financing needed to grow.  However, we realize that's the short term view, and business owners have long term plans.  That's why we're also positioned to help businesses establish business credit to satisfy their long term financing needs.

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