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Short - Term Solutions

Financing for your business can be available in as little as three days in some cases.  Initial process is simple:

(1) Fill out one page application (no application fee)
(2) Submit up to 12 months bank statements and up to 12 months merchant card statements, if applicable.  All pages of the statements are required
(3) Initial decision can be provided usually within 24 hours after receipt of required documents

After receiving offer of funding, there will be a limited number of steps required.  The timing of receipt of funding is based on your availability to complete initial and final steps.

What this is: This is working capital financing that is not based on collateral or your personal credit score.  It is UNSECURED financing.  Depending on how your business receives its revenue, the funding will be paid back as a percentage of your credit card receivables on a daily or weekly basis or there will be ACH transactions from your bank account.  This is NOT a loan, and therefore, there won't be loan rates.  There is a funding fee that varies depending on the strength of the business.

Long - Term Solutions

Your strategic-thinking-business-owner mind knows there are long term solutions of which you are not yet aware.  It's true.  The long-term solution is to establish business credit.

When an 18 year old with no money and no credit goes to buy a car, he or she might find it difficult.  That 18 year old has limited solutions to the problem.  Finding a co-signer is one possible solution.  If you haven't established business credit, you're most likely using your personal credit and your personal guarantee as your co-signer for your business needs.  It's time to move to the next level.  It's time to build business credit using your business' EIN - tax id number, rather than your personal social security number.  It's time to let your corporation or LLC stand on its own without your personal guarantee.

In order to get you to the next level, we need to schedule some time with you to walk you through the system that will help you establish business credit.  After we schedule a time, we can use so that you can see the system on my computer without having to download any meeting software.  This isn't a book or a webinar.  This is a system.  At every point along the path, you will have an escort to help you whenever you have questions.  The good news is that isn't doesn't take years to build your business credit like it took years to build your personal credit.  It takes months.  You will need to be engaged along the process, and you'll have access to your business credit report as you proceed.  

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